Ramblings on healthy eating, no-smoking and the fast food industry-part one


In this first-part blog post, suggestions are not only offered on how folks can improve their health and chances for greater longevity but for many fast food companies to think about they serve folks all over the world.

Let’s take food-specifically fast food. Many people who eat at Mc Donalds, Wendy’s, BK, etc. have elevated trigylcerides (blood fats) and diabetes-not to mention hypertension and other ailments. They should not be eating hamburger buns that are made with white flour, for example, as well as, “white” French fries. It amazes me that chains such as Fuddrucker’s now offer (in most stores) the option of whole wheat buns and sweet potato fries (not the best but better than “regular” fries. At least, Subway and some of the other submarine sandwich chains like Quizno’s and Firehouse Subs do offer whole wheat rolls. Mc D’s and those other chains initially mentiloned should do Americans a favor by at least providing whole wheat buns and sweet spud fries, as an option. Then you have some chains such as Chipotle who on one hand, offer brown rice but do not offer whole wheat tortillas. They should be consistent and offer both brown rice and whole wheat tortillas. Can you imagine if consumers chose all those healthy whole wheat options? Would national high triglycerides and diabetes rates decrease? One could only hope.

Then what about beverages. I think it is sad when you see an overweight teen coming out of a Starbucks with a Venti- or Grande- size coffee beverage that is laden with whipped cream on top and drizzled with syrup. You wonder what that teen could drink for a healthy substitute that would not be loaded with sugar. While I personally do not drink coffee these days or will ever touch “java” again, it would still be better for that teen provided that regular milk and sugar would be added. The enriched waters with mild flavoring or plain H2O bottled are always the best choices.

Fruits and vegetables, fish-two times per week, much less meat, whole grains and dedicating at least a couple of days a week to meat-free diet are the way to go. While being vegan or lacto-vegetarian might seem like the way to go, these regimens are not for everybody. Better to be “reasonable” meat eater than a lacto-ovo vegetarian who is munching on grilled cheese sandwiches, French fries and pizza most days of the week. Desserts and sweets in general, should be a “no-brainer”-“way, way, way in moderation. And that means what you think moderation should be-once a week for some; twice a month for others. You cannot go through life without a good piece of apple pie, a dish of ice cream or etc, etc. etc….

Aside from food, the most insane habit, that you can ever have in your repertoire of daily behaviors is TOBACCO CONSUMPTION. There is enough evidence over decades that tells us that smoking is just plain wrong. It does not matter if is cigarettes with a filter or no filter, pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco or now, E-cigs. I suspect that there are folks that say” Oh, I’ll never get lung cancer”. Well, if you do not get lung cancer-praise God-but you could die of a myocardial infarction or emphysema, if you smoke cigarettes. If you are a cigar smoker, jaw cancer could be a possibility. If you love chewing tobacco, a head and neck malignancy might develop and so on. Whatever your preference for tobacco is-quit and quit now. There is the patch. There are medications like Chantix. The Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Christian-based denomination, known for its hospitals worldwide and wonderful health message, has a 7-day smoking cessation program that has been most successful in getting folks to stop lightning up. You do not have to be a slave and chained to this dangerous addiction.

In the next blog post after this one-I will discuss a few more ideas and concepts to improve health and longevity while living on Planet Earth.

Medical Terminology

Myocardial infarction-the scientific term for “heart attack”.

Pneumogastric – Pertaining to the lungs and the stomach.