Ramblings-banish aggravation +follow a healthy lifestyle-part two


In the second part of this post, I discuss ways to live a healthier life. Doesn’t mean we have to take more vitamins or eat more broccoli or increase our weight poundage of the gym? Certainly all those things are helpful and beneficial if we do. And not totally mandatory if we don’t. My uncle used to say (and I am sure others have said it too):”What kills people is aggravation”, sometimes it is not their diet or how much alcohol they have consumed but the stress of taking life and people way too seriously. Take the emotion of anger, for example, which being aware that one is “ticked” off is good but letting it get out of control is not. For example, you can have a totally awful day at the office where nothing is going right and even have an argument with your boss. When quitting time comes around, you might say to yourself: “I really need a drink and cannot wait to head for the neighborhood bar”. Or you can say” I cannot wait to go home and tell my wife”. But when you get home, she has a great meal (so you think and love): meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, a vegetable, white bread, butter, soda pop (your favorite Mountain Dew or Dr.Pepper) followed by apple pie and ice cream. And then spend a couple of night viewing whatever is on the “telly” till the next night.  Read this carefully-do not medicate yourself with food or drink. Ever. Are there better ways to relieve stress? Obviously. Naturally. Of course, there are. So here is the list:

1-Work out. Exercise. Ride a stationary bike-lift weights-do yoga, Pilates, shoot hoops at a neighborhood court, bike, play tennis or any other sport. BUT JUST DO IT and DO IT 5x a week-at a minimum of 3 if you cannot do 5. Do work up a sweat

2-DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL-sorry, booze kills brain cells; DONT DRINK SODAS (DIET OR otherwise)-loaded with sugar AND all the other ones have chemicals and additives (btw-I am so guilty of this because I do love Diet Coke and a mean draft root beer once in a while-it is something I have to work on, as well as, drink way less) and ALL CAFFEINATED BEVERAGES, which by overdoing them can give you the jitters or even gastric reflux. Sorry, I do not mean to offend you Starbucks

3-Pray and/or Meditate-do you have a specific faith or denomination that you attend? If so, go regularly if you can. Do you pray or meditate or have a regular spiritual practice that you do on a daily basis? If so, do it. Nothing beats having to take your problems and issues to a higher power and letting that Higher Power deal with it.

4-Get a pet-if you are tense and upset, a pet will lower your blood pressure, as well as, reassure you that all is going to be ok. Just hold Fido or Tabby after a miserable day at work and see how you will start to simmer down. For folks who are alone and do not have a spouse or an engaging support system, pets offer unconditional love and acceptance.

5-Take up and enjoy a hobby that is fun and appropriate for you. Whether you love foreign films, collect stamps, do woodworking or hook rugs or anything that mentally engages you, this can be a real stress reliever to take your mind off aggravation.

6-Look at such holistic health modalities to relieve stress such as Bach Flower Remedies, aromatherapy, massage therapy in  its various forms such as deep tissue and Thai.

7-Volunteer for an organization where you can take your mind off YOU and YOUR PROBLEMS and dedicate yourself to those who have much less and more problems than you do.

8-finally EAT RIGHT and EAT clean-less meat, more fruits and vegetables, try to eliminate white flour from your diet and radically cut down on SUGAR which does kill. And remember to live day by day which all we can really do-let tomorrow take care of itself.


Neuroses-mental or psychiatric illnesses which is dominated by anxiety as the main component

Stressors-situations or events that evoke emotional and physical stress in individuals.